Harmony Reins Animal Haven Inc. is a registered Australian Not for Profit charity that aims to help give injured, neglected and mistreated animals a second chance in life.

Harmony Reins Animal Haven was originally founded in March 2011 as a privately funded organisation by me, Catherine. My passion for animals and their welfare has been inherent since I was a small child where I would always be bringing home an animal in need (thanks Mum and Dad for your understanding!).

How did I come to start Harmony Reins you ask? Well you should know Harmony Reins was sparked by a one of the amazing, gentle, loveable characters I have ever had the honour of knowing – a Bull Mastiff/Sheppard Cross called Zeek. Zeek’s story goes like this…I found this lovely boy in a local shelter. He was a one year old Bull Mastiff/Shepherd cross who had already seen the harder side of life. He needed a home, love, guidance, training and some serious feeding up! We adopted him and he bought 10 years of joy into our lives. Zeek recently passed and we will always remember him as the most regal, intelligent, and well mannered dogs we ever had the pleasure of knowing. We credit Zeek with opening our eyes to the plight of so many animals and inspiring us to the path to Harmony Reins. The rest as they say is history!

Harmony Reins has been established to help those animals who find themselves in unfavourable situations. Our large acreage holding in the Yarra Valley provides the perfect setting for the rehabilitation of many different types of animals. We currently house dogs, cats, horses, goats, cows, alpacas, poultry and a pig called Kevin Bacon. We assess each individual animal as they are brought to our attention, before welcoming them into our organisation. This means we can ensure that those we do take on receive tailored and specialised care. New arrivals are seen by our vet and other specialists as required.

Not all of our animals become available for adoption. Once rehabilitated, adoption is considered but we find that for some of our residents, Harmony Reins has become home.

Harmony Reins also offers a free homing service to people who no longer want or can look after their animals in the long term. Over the years we have homed many animals for many different reasons including where their owners have passed away, suffered illnesses or are moving interstate. No matter the reason, we will help.

All the Harmony Reins committee members, Lisa, Chris, Bev and Christoph are all passionate about animal welfare and we hope you enjoy getting to know our animals. They each have a unique story to share and through this site we hope you can come along for the ride.

President and Founder